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Welcome to Jacknut Apparel custom services. 


Screen Printing

We use ink to apply your design to any piece of clothing of your choice.  One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multi-colored image or design. We offer up to 6 colors per design.


 Embroidery is a decorative art form using fabric, needles, and thread. Embroidery will be long lasting and won’t fade away. The primary purpose of embroidery is to decorate fabric. We offer embroidery on  clothing (including dress shirts, bags, assortment of hats and beanies, and golf shirts.

 Vehicle Wraps/Signage 

Car wrapping is a way of changing the look of your vehicle without the need for a complicated and potentially expensive paint respray. It involves completely or partially covering your vehicle with a vinyl filmHere at Jacknut we offer the design of the vehicle wraps and the application of the wrap to your choice of vehicle, trailer, and boats.

Logo Design

 Good logo design requires that this process is conducted by an experienced designer in order to ensure the most reliable results. A logo is going to be like the face of a business, and it represents the most popular and brand-able aspect of any venture. This is the reason why the creation of a company logo, mascot logo or any kind of logo idea. Someone who understands the power of proper color contrasts and design features that appeal to their target audience.

If you want results that truly stand out, Jacknut Apparel is going to provide the outcome that your business needs for maximum branding appeal.

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