It’s what you call something that is timeless. It’s something that touches your roots. It’s something that speaks to you and you might not even understand why. We’re talking about the classics. When you dig deep and you find that hidden gem that still shines like it did the first day you saw it, that’s a classic. When you are cleaning out your old garage, or attic and you spot something that makes you stop everything you are doing and pick it up, that’s a classic. The kind of thing that never fades, never loses its appeal and gives you instant nostalgia the moment you are exposed to its timeless magic, that's a classic.

This collection is dedicated to some of Jacknut’s classics. These are designs that aren’t necessarily our oldest but one’s that remind us of home and give us that warm and fuzzy nostalgia that feels oh so good.

Why are these designs classics? Because they really honor our gritty roots. Growing up and starting our business in Grays Harbor, so much of who we are is wrapped up in the harbor.

  • The lumber industry being so large is the inspiration for the annual Loggers’ Playday in Hoquiam.
  • The birth of Nirvana right there in Aberdeen and the tragic death of the bands front man and local hero, Kurt Cobain, led to the magnificent mural honoring Kurt and Nirvana that spans the top of Moore’s Interiors in downtown Aberdeen.
  • We pay tribute to the gritty Seahawk fan favorite, Owen Schmitt, and his pump up ritual of smashing his helmet against his head to get himself and the 12th man jacked up.
  • The Satsop River Rock Festival is an annual treat held right in our hometown of Hoquiam.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is one of our very first Sportsnut Gridiron releases, U MAD BRO, from which our Sportsnut legacy sprouted.

As vastly different as these all may seem, each one holds their own unique place in the foundation of Jacknut. Anything close to home like the Loggers’ Playday and the Satsop River Rock Festival
remind us of our Real, Raw, Fresh beginnings out on the harbor. Between the rivers, lakes, ocean and woods, nature was in our blood. We were born to be outdoors and it is absolutely reflected in a number of our designs.

The Nirvana Mural holds a special place in our hearts because Kurt Cobain played such a big role in our lives growing up. We got to watch Kurt bloom into a legend right before our eyes. He was a local hero and he did it his way, spreading lyrics that meant something to him and they meant something to us as well. Kurt’s death was a shock to us all and words cannot explain the reaction on the harbor. We do what we can to commemorate our local legend and so this shirt was an instant classic for us.

As far as our beloved Seahawks, our Sportsnut gear, especially the Seahawks apparel, has transformed Jacknut into a household name out in Washington. These designs mean a lot to us not only because of their gritty, non-apologetic nature, but because they were a huge foundational piece to the Jacknut puzzle. Long after both players are retired, we will remember them for their terrific play and their impact on our company.

We hope to be providing our loyal Jacknutters with many more instant classics, for years to come. Please enjoy these unforgettably CLASSIC Jacknut tees!

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