About Us

Who is Jacknut?

Under the leadership of Founder & Creator, Christian Burgess, we are a team of grassroots go-getters. We’re screenprinters, designers, brand leaders, fashion-minded men and women with industry finesse, and above all – we’re a group of locals, friends, and fun-loving people. Get to know us and we hope you’ll find yourself in good company.

What is Jacknut?

We are a line of apparel for men, women, and children. Loosely, we categorize ourselves as an Action/Sportswear brand but don’t take this as drab, common, or lacking in design. All of our designs are proprietary to us. We create everything from scratch so what you’re seeing in our pages are unique and designed with you – the customer – in mind.

We are also a line that prides ourselves on being at the cutting edge of fashion. Yes, we will always nod to the prevailing trends that people are after. Our clothing isn’t that far left from center. However, we will transcend this season’s fleeting frenzy in exchange for individuality, quality, and aesthete. If it doesn’t suit our brand and our customers, we won’t make it just to appeal to the masses. Why? Simply put – we like to keep things authentic.

We boast T-shirts and hoodies unlike you’ve ever seen. We also sell hats, beanies, sweats, leggings, yoga pants, and jackets. You can score a Jacknut sticker every now and then, too.

Where is Jacknut?

Our storefront, warehouse, and the mothership of our operation is now located on Mottman Road in Olympia. For those of you not local to our area, that means we’re in the capitol of the stunning, surreal Washington State that we call home. Our roots are in the Grays Harbor area and our first storefront was in the bustling Aberdeen – childhood home of Nirvana Rock God, Kurt Cobain.

So, you could say that Jacknut is in Washington. You could say we’re in the Pacific Northwest. You could say we’re in the Olympic Peninsula. These are all true. Our brand reps mad love for all things evergreen, ocean, mountains, Sasquatch, and beyond. Even more, Jacknut bleeds blue and green. We fly our Hawks flag high for Seattle like any 12th Fan should. We love all our local teams and we support them because Jacknut is Northwest grown.

There’s a caveat, though. There’s another half to this story. The truth is, Jacknut is not confined to any locale. We sell nationwide and many people across our beautiful country have a place in their hearts for Jacknut. We treat our customers like family and they give that love back. So you could say – Jacknut is everywhere.

How Old is Jacknut?

We were originated in 2004 and we are a stylish, fabulous sixteen years old. In that time, we’ve climbed to new heights each year and against some obstacles, truly outdone ourselves. With that said, we’re still learning and we can’t wait to see where we’ll be in another decade!

Why Should I Care?

There are a thousand reasons we could spew to get you to love Jacknut. One of our catchphrases and something we live by is “Don’t Flock Around.” What we mean by that is to be yourself, do you, and live by no one else’s rules or expectations. So, you might love Jacknut because our designs are unique and we support your individuality.

Another great reason to love Jacknut is the transparency and conscience with which we do business. The fabrics and inks we use, the manufacturers we affiliate with, and the prices we stamp on our goods are all reflections of our efforts to be a brand you can trust.

The Jacknut Motto:   

Asking why you wear clothes is a stupid question.
Asking why you wear the clothes you do is a good question.
You don't choose a shirt just because you have to.
Your mom could do that for you.
You do it because you want to.
It's because of the way you feel about it.
We don't live to make shirts in the land of Nirvana because we have to.
It's because of the way we feel about it.

Real. Raw. Fresh.



Image courtesy of our spot in Thurston Talk | December 2014