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Torn features music legend Kurt Cobain very prominently on this raw black Jacknut tee as part of our Rock 27 collection. Kurt is shown with a very contemplative expression on his face as if to show him pondering something very serious. Of course most of us know now why he may have this look and why this shirt is named Torn. Kurt’s tragic death was a shock to us all. As for most people whom resort to ending their own life, Kurt was of course torn between a life of peaks and valleys. Suicide is never an easy decision and no good comes from the loss of life. All we can do is try to remember Kurt as the great musician that he was.

Kurt grew up in Aberdeen, Washington. Growing up and still residing in the neighboring town of Hoquiam, we had a front row view of all of Kurt’s glory. We got to see him blossom into a legend right before our own eyes. Kurt was and still is an inspiration and an idol to us here at Jacknut. His music and its many messages will forever live on, especially in the Grays Harbor area. His song, “Come as You Are,” welcomes all guests entering Aberdeen as it is featured on every town sign. Kurt is a hero in the Grays Harbor area and we want to do what we can to commemorate such a great man.

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