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Rock 27’s final installation features the great Janis Joplin. Janis is shown in true Janis Joplin fashion, rocking her jewels and Joplin garb while getting lost in a song. The true original “Rock Mama” Joplin has the uncanny ability to transcend the genres of blues, folk, rock, country and even gospel. High, husky, earthy and explosive are just a few words that have been used to describe her voice. We recognize her achievements in the rock world here at Jacknut and praise her for doing it her way.

Janis didn’t prescribe to any one genre, any one stereotype or any one feeling. Janis didn’t flock around, she kept it Real, Raw and Fresh. Janis’s hang loose attitude is one we strive for in our work. Here at Jacknut we have one way of doing things, our way. We only make tee shirts that we honestly believe our customers will enjoy. We put our heart and soul into each design we come up with, just like Janis did with her music.

To quote the great Joplin herself, “Get it while you can!”

All Jacknut apparel is made in a non-sweatshop environment right here in the U.S. Feel good; look good; all without compromising who you are. Jacknut – Real, Raw, Fresh