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This design is another nod to a Washington music legend. Electric Flame features Seattle born, Jimi Hendrix displayed across smoke with his electric guitar. Also featured in this sick design is the famous Seattle Space Needle to show the correlation between Jimi and his home town.

Jimi was absolutely unforgettable. He was a pioneer for the electric guitar. He reimagined what the guitar could do and in doing so changed the course of music forever. Jimi was known for doing his own thing and paving his own path. He didn’t listen to what others would say, he didn’t try to look a certain way or make music in a way that he thought people would like it. He dressed and looked his way and then people accepted his look. He made music his way and then people loved his music. Jimi did what felt good and that inspired others to do the same. Simply put, Jimi didn’t flock around. Instead he kept it Real, Raw, Fresh and for that, Jacknut supports him. We always tell our Jacknutters to make their own path and to stay true to themselves especially if it feels good to them. Be the Jimi Hendrix of what you do and look good doing it in this electric design.

All Jacknut apparel is made in a non-sweatshop environment right here in the U.S. Feel good; look good; all without compromising who you are. Jacknut – Real, Raw, Fresh