The Story

Jack Naturals is one of our favorite and most customer-appreciated collections to date. It’s our quiet, unbothered way of showing love to our beautiful planet and everything that lives and thrives upon it. We pay this tribute in multiple ways within the Jack Naturals designs and also within the framework and manufacture of the shirts themselves.

By choosing a Jack Naturals shirt, you’re doing so much more than getting ahead of the fashion game and looking fresh. You’ll be doing yourself and the environment a huge favor.



See, these fabrics are sustainable, hand-dyed, organic, and completely all natural. This means that we – the creators – and you – the wearers – are merely taking what the Earth has given us and making something lovely from it. No harmful dyes are bleeding into our water supply when you wash this shirt. No heinous environmental travesty was made so that you can rep these sweet designs – all processes it takes to make these shirts are good for the Earth. That matters to us because we believe in taking care of our planet.

With that said, you don’t have to sacrifice style OR comfort just to be doing the right thing. Sometimes, the right thing can actually feel GREAT! Our Jack Natural tees are unbeatably soft and breathable so you won’t feel tied down in some scratchy shirt just to make a statement.


The Specs

One of the facets of this collection that make it so unique and so favored are the real, raw, fresh facts of the fabric and ink used to make these shirts. This is a collection unto itself because not only are the designs each one of a kind, the shirts cut from a different cloth, too!

Choose a Jack Naturals shirt and enjoy:

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Printed with a special water-based ink
  • Hand-dyed
  • Manufactured in the USA

The Style

Our Jack Natural designs are meant to express a mutuality between human nature and the natural world. When you wear a Jack Natural tee, you will feel at one with the Earth and as though you are communing with plants, animals, and the world around you. The inspiration for this collection comes straight out of the heart of our beautiful state. Between the prevalence of the timber industry, the raw and unpaved territories we treasure, and the abundance of flora and fauna at every turn – is it any wonder that we would come up with something so earthy?


The designs we feature in our Jack Naturals collection are as follows. Each one is its own statement – a representation of our beloved Evergreen state and the bounty of the wild:




Woody – This shirt is a subtle, stylish homage to our timber-laden land and pride in our Evergreen roots.

Indigenous – Feel the way humans and nature interact in this dreamy, surreal, Earthly collage.

Prosper – This design speaks to the natural cycle of all of life’s migrations and metamorphoses.



For more information on any shirt we feature in our Jack Naturals collection, click the image to be taken directly to the product page! Enjoy!

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