The best way to commemorate those that have passed on is by sharing their spirit and values with the world. Jacknut’s Icons Collection celebrates the lives of three amazing individuals that have impacted the world greatly. These three iconic people were chosen because of their belief in the value of each and every individual on Earth. Even to those that ridiculed them and brought them pain, these three amazingly strong willed individuals did not stoop to their oppressor’s levels, but rather they stood fast to their beliefs in the power of peace and love.

Jacknut also believes in the power of peace and love. Imagine a world that traded love for love instead of a world that fought fire with fire. That sounds like a pretty special place. It’s the sort of world that Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa all hoped to create through peaceful protests and treating each person they encountered with the utmost respect and love. So next time you get cutoff, undermined, beat down or tossed aside, whether on purpose or unintentionally - let it go. Getting frustrated and upset is either going to escalate the situation or make you feel worse.

Here at Jacknut we really try to spread the love. Whether that be by giving our customers great, feel good shirts at a great price or by using our company as a platform to spread the messages of peace, love and staying true to yourself. Many of our designs pay respect to massively impactful historic figures in the political and artistic world. We do this to respect those that have had a major impact on our lives and the values that we hold dear to us. We also pay respect to our roots here in the Evergreen State of Washington. We take our status as a company in the apparel industry very seriously. Apparel can be much more than just a shirt and pants, it is a statement. The statements we choose to display in our designs are statements that we would proudly wear across our own chests. We hope that you will proudly display them across yours as well.

Great Soul – Mahatma Gandhi

Entirely deserving of this title, Gandhi was absolutely one of the greatest souls to grace this earth. He birthed the modern idea of passive resistance and is remembered for his non-violent protests against war and inequality. A lawyer by trade, Gandhi had every capability to live the modern “dream life” of monetary wealth and prosperity but instead spent his days protesting for the wealth and prosperity of others. We could certainly learn a lot from Gandhi and his way of life.

 Madiba – Nelson Mandela

Known as the Father of South Africa, Mandela also studied law in college, knowing that in order to enact change, it would take much more brains than brawn in times of moral instability. Mandela fought against extreme odds, not by fighting back or joining a movement, but by leading a movement of justice through peace. Good things come to those that wait and Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years for his protests. The whole time he did not curse his captors but rather remained calm as he lead his movement through love and patience. After being released, the racial segregation, of South Africa, ceased and he was then officially named the president of South Africa. Mandela is a beacon of hope to those that feel they have been unjustly treated and an example of how patience and love is the best weapon against hatred.


Saint of the Gutter – Mother Teresa

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier – Mother Teresa - What a great quote. It absolutely embodies such a magnificent women in so few, yet impactful words. Think of someone you know that you can always go to when you’re down and you can always count on them to make you feel better. Now imagine if everyone tried to do that.This series is a reminder to be more Motherly in how you treat everyone just like Gandhi, Mandela and especially Mother Teresa.

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