Jacknut’s founder and president, Christian Burgess, has put together a collection of his favorite original designs right here. These shirts can vary quite a bit and like most pieces of art, they are up to the interpretation of the wearer. However at their core they all have one key thing in common. They all have that all-important Jacknut Real, Raw, Fresh vibe. These aren’t the cleanest shirts you’ve ever seen but that’s because Jacknut is not the kind of business that just transposes an image onto a shirt and calls it a day. Christian puts time into each unique Jacknut original design and it shows.

As a business owner and a father, Christian has to wear a lot of hats. A designer at heart, when Christian can really sink his teeth into his craft, great things can happen. These and all of Christian’s designs are the result of countless all-nighters, gallons of coffee and a lot of passion. Christian works tirelessly to provide his loyal Jacknutters with apparel that they will feel just as good wearing as he did making. For these four designs in particular, Christian was definitely not flocking around.

Ballin’ – Always on the Grind

Those of you who know Christian, know that he did not grow up in a rough inner-city neighborhood. However you do know that Christian is constantly on the grind to get the job done, whether that be at home as a father, in town as a member of the great Hoquiam community, as a friend, a designer or as a business owner. It’s a lot of hats to juggle but Christian has always been one to go the extra mile for friends, family and customers. He may not have put in hours of blood sweat and tears on the pavement, slammin’ the rock through the chain net, but Christian definitely pulled out all of the stops for this fresh Jacknut design.

Digital – Let’s get Digital

This design was made to pay homage to Christian’s graphic design background. Art began thousands of years ago and is constantly molding and changing itself. Each artist from the past puts their stamp on the art world and moves the conversation forward. This is Christian’s way of making his own stamp on the art world.

Nevermind – Greatness Never Fades

Named after quite possibly the best album ever created and featuring an absolute rock legend, Nevermind was a design that Christian was proud to unveil. Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, WA. Christian grew up and currently resides in the neighboring town of Hoquiam. There is no doubt that Kurt had a big influence on Christian and his pursuit of art. Nirvana’s grunge can be seen and felt in a number of Jacknut designs and this shirt is our small way of paying homage to such a great man.

Night Sky – One to Remember

If you have ever seen a night sky in the Pacific Northwest, you know exactly what inspired this design. This design is one Christian is really proud of. With its sharp colors, clean edges and overall impact, it truly captures the beauty of a Northwest night sky!

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