Jacknut Apparel is ready to start a revolution. We live in a world that is absolutely consumed by money, power and fame. Most great activist and role models do not include a single one of these things in their moral preachings, yet it is what we focus the majority of our lives on. Why is that? For some reason, at some point in time, someone either of significant influence or someone who gained influence felt the weak and insecure urge to boast about their power. They claimed that their money, power and fame was the greatest thing on earth and that those that did not have it, were nothing without it. We say that this person was weak and insecure because why else would they feel the need to shame others and boast about their wonderful life if they were truly happy? For fame, wealth and power does not guarantee you happiness. On the contrary it usually leads to a distorted view of happiness that leans heavily on the fleeting opinions of others. The best way to achieve happiness on earth is to be true to yourself and spread peace and love, rather than jealousy and fear. Take some time to truly examine the meanings of the words in this series as they pertain to you and your life. Ask yourself what you truly believe in and what you love? Then ask yourself if you are ready to join the Jacknut revolution!





















As for what brings us joy. Well most of it can be seen displayed across our clothing. We love art, nature, wildlife, sports, our home town of Hoquiam, the beach, laughter, music, friends and family. None of these things are inherently expensive. None of these things require power to have and none of these things require the acceptance of the masses for us to enjoy them. We enjoy these things because they are true to who we are and what we love. When you get caught up in the competition to have better things than, be more popular than or get more votes than so and so, you lose sight of what’s really important to yourself and for what? A trophy? A promotion? Pride?

Take it from us, the best things in life, truly are free. Spending time with friends, family and loved ones – free. Getting outside and enjoying a nice walk at the park, in the woods or on the beach – free. Other things like perfecting a craft like drawing, singing or playing guitar are much more satisfying than buying the latest iphone to keep up with the “cool crowd” and using it to gossip on social media. It’s also far less expensive. Hopefully there comes a day in most people’s lives when they realize that going against the grain, as awkward and uncomfortable as it may be at first, is exactly what they are meant to do. They start to live their lives based on what they believe in and what they like instead of living for what others might think. They start to feel good about who they are and what they are doing. They start to realize that their never ending fight for the, “American Dream,” wasn’t what they wanted after all, and since they aren’t stuck constantly competing to be the best all of the time, they feel like they’ve done something right for a change. This is the message that we want to convey to the world. That it’s okay to be you. Join the Revolution and see that this Earth is full of beautiful Art as long as you Believe and Live a life full of Love.

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