Jacknut Apparel moves to Olympia

The Daily World

November 10, 2013
Hoquiam High School success story 33-year-old Christian Burgess has moved the production space of his pride and joy, Jacknut Apparel from its location in Aberdeen to a larger warehouse space in Olympia.

“We just feel more central here, even though we all still live on the Harbor and we’re all Harborites — it’s just more central to Seattle and other bigger cities,” said Burgess, of himself and his seven employees who all reside on Grays Harbor. “Now we have room to kind of grow and take Jacknut to the next level.”

The apparel business — which features T-shirts, jackets, hats, sweatshirts and other action sportswear-inspired clothing that Burgess says are created to reflect his Northwest surroundings — has been situated in its brand new building in Olympia for the past couple of weeks. Jacknut is in its 10th year.

Burgess said that not only will it give them a more central location, but also that it was a “better price” than he could find in Aberdeen for a similar space. There are, however, plans in the works to bring a smaller storefront back to Aberdeen, and eventually other locations throughout the state, once everything is situated with the storefront in Olympia.

“Jacknut,” a name Burgess came up with while brainstorming ideas with teammates on the wrestling team at Hoquiam High School in the late ’90s, serves people from “Alaska to New York” said Burgess. Some days, the company delivers thousands of items.

Connected with Jacknut Apparel is Burgess’s other profitable business, West Coast Screen Printing, which does custom-made designs most often for schools, businesses and sports teams.

For the time being, Burgess said Jacknut is still delivering orders daily to Aberdeen — for both West Coast Screen Printing and Jacknut Apparel — and has a drop-off and pickup location at Aberdeen’s ColorTyme Rent to Own at 400 E. Wishkah St.

After graduating from Hoquiam High School in 1998, Burgess graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle’s Industrial Design program. He was hired by the likes of Honda Motor Company and K2 Skates while still in school.

“I was on the Dean’s List actually, which I’ve never been on before … You gotta like what you do,” said Burgess.

From there, after working on the clothing company as a side project, he decided to move forward with his childhood dream and bought printing equipment, forming the beginnings of what is now known as Jacknut Apparel.

One of his most profitable exploits through Jacknut Apparel is a partnership with Just Sports, which Burgess said sells his apparel in 32 mall locations across the Pacific Northwest.

“We sell one line of clothing to them. It’s the biggest retail outlet that we have, but it’s a really good one,” he said.

Jacknut’s new building, which is located in the Ritter Business Park on Mottman Road, hosts both a warehouse, which he said is already being used to manufacture product, and a storefront, which is currently being remodeled.

Burgess still feels the ties of his home on the Harbor, despite the relocation, though he said he and his family — including two young daughters — are considering a move from their Hoquiam home.

“We’re looking at moving to around the Elma area, but still in Grays Harbor,” said Burgess. “Just to cut the travel time.”

For more information or to view Jacknut Apparel’s merchandise, visit their website at www.jacknutapparel.com.